At Wattkast Apple, you can buy good quality apples grown according to the IP method, from the first harvest of summer apples in August, until winter apples that are stored until December.

Our freshly squeezed apple juice is available to enjoy in 4 different variety-specific flavors. The juice is sold in a practical box packaging of 3 liters.

Our Apple Varieties


Picking:  August
Taste: Pleasantly aromatic, sweet-sour
Use: Eat apple
Description: Green-red tasty summer apple that ripens early, sometimes as early as the end of July.

Transparent Blanche

Picking:  August
Taste: Sour
Use: Eat apple and excellent mashed apple
Description: Apple with a very thin peel, fragile. Can get transparent pulp at maturity


Picking:  September
Taste: Spicy, mildly sweet-sour
Use: Eat apple, juice
Description: Tasty, red-green autumn apple.


Picking:  September
Taste: Fresh sweet-sour
Use: Eat apple, puree and juice
Description: Thin peel, juicy.


Picking: September
Taste: Sour, with some sweetness, aromatic
Use: Eat apple, in salads and desserts 
Description: Solid and juicy pulp


Picking:  September
Taste: Mild, aromatic
Use: Eat apple, juice, cooking, puree and pastries
Description: Versatile use, large apple


Picking: September
Taste: Sour, rich aroma
Use: Eat apple, juice, cooking, salads and drying
Description: Versatile use, good durability


Picking:  September / October
Taste: Sweet
Use: Eat apple, juice, candied, dessert apple, puree, drying
Description: The peel forms a natural wax later in the season


Picking:   October
Taste: Spicy, sweet and sour
Use: Eat apple, pastries, puree, juice, drying
Description: Rich in vitamin C

Apple juice

It is important to harvest when the apples taste the most, it gives the juice a lot of taste and aroma. Then nature gives its "touch" to the juice, 

Our freshly squeezed apple juice is available to enjoy in 4 different variety-specific flavors. The juice is sold in a practical box packaging of 3 liters.


A mildly sweet-sour apple juice with a spicy full-bodied taste. Suitable to be enjoyed with cheese and as a dessert drink.


Fresh apple juice with a rich sour taste. Perfect for fish and vegetable dishes.


Fresh and strongly aromatic, full-bodied apple juice with a crisp acidity. Suitable as a meal drink - everyday luxury for apple lovers.


Sweet apple juice with a rich taste. Children's favorite - like drinking an apple. Suitable for a snack, breakfast or dessert.

Other products

We also grow new potatoes on a small scale for direct sale from the farm shop. The sale time is approx. 3 weeks around midsummer.

New potatoes

Fresh, hand-picked and untreated
Varieties: Timo and Siikli
Direct sale in the Farm Shop
My own apple tree
This gift card entitles you to your own apple tree and its harvest at Wattkast Äppel, for 1 year. Orders placed before the 30th of June entitles you to this year’s harvest, and orders placed later entitles you to next year’s harvest.

You’re welcome to visit our blossoming apple orchard in May/June and pick out your own tree, or apple variety.

During the harvest (August-October) you can join us and pick your own apples, or pick them up already harvested, depending on the variety you chose.

Varieties: Pirja, Jaspi, Samo, Amorosa, and Lobo
1 tree: 60 € (incl. VAT 14 %)
When you wish to purchase your gift card, please contact us by e-mail:
Where to buy?
Our apple garden and farm shop are located on the scenic archipelago island of Wattkast. Here you will find fresh apples and apple juice of various varieties from August to November. The farm shop is open every day at 9 a.m to 9 p.m. 

Wattkast apple products are also available in local shop “Korpo handel” and the shop “Korpoströmsmagasinet” close to the archipelago center Korpoström.
Farm Shop
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