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We warmly welcome you to visit us at Wattkast Apple and give you the opportunity to enjoy apples and exclusive apple juice in 4 different pure flavors from the Finnish archipelago.


At Wattkast Apple, you can buy good quality apples grown according to the IP method, from the first harvest of summer apples in August, until winter apples that are stored until December.

Our freshly squeezed apple juice is available to enjoy in 4 different variety-specific flavors. The juice is sold in a practical box packaging of 3 liters.
Where to buy?
Our apple garden and farm shop are located on the scenic archipelago island of Wattkast. Here you will find fresh apples and apple juice of various varieties from August to November. The farm shop is open every day at 9 a.m to 9 p.m.

Wattkast is connected to the main island Korpo via a bridge, and it is easy to walk, cycle or take the car to us. However you choose to travel, you will get tasty apples and fantastic views, while supporting local agriculture. 

Also take the opportunity to visit the other farm shops on the island.

Wattkast apple products are also available in local shop “Korpo handel” and the shop “Korpoström Magasinet” close to the archipelago center Korpoström.
Farm Shop

The Farm

Wattkast apple is found on Överstu farm, located on the scenic island Wattkast in the archipelago of Turku. Today, the third generation works at the farm, which was founded in the beginning of the 20th century. The work has consisted of milk production and beef animal breeding, as well as cultivation of different types of crops such as e.g. sugar beets, onions, Chinese cabbage and new potatoes. In 1999, the first apple trees were planted, which today belong to the main cultivation. We have 9 different types of apples as well as sales of apple juice and small-scale further processing of apples. New potatoes are also grown on a small scale for direct sale, mainly until midsummer.
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The Farmer

I am Annika and I work full time and live here on my farm - my paradise on earth, together with my three children, the oldest of whom have flown out of the nest to study elsewhere. For education, I have graduated as a caretaker and gardener, and since I took over the farm after my father in 2012, I have also taken courses in business administration. For me, it is an honor to be able to manage and take care of the land that my ancestors have used, and I highly respect the hard work people used to have on the farms in the archipelago. I strive to live a life in interaction with nature in an economically and ecologically sustainable way. In the spring of 2020, I also received the certificate of completion of a basic course in organic farming.
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